ULI Hines Student Competition 2021 - Kansas City, MO, East Village
Anna Mytcul, Elnaz Zargham Koranlou, Mythea Mazzola, Cristian Copete & Rakshanda Nagaraj
The Seam stitches together the fractured urban fabric between the Kansas City Financial District and Paseo West, two neighborhoods that have been long disconnected due to socioeconomic and physical boundaries represented by the I-70 highway. The project emphasizes equity, connectivity, and sustainability of the East Village Neighborhood.
The project emphasizes the development of mixed-income housing, pedestrian-oriented corridors and multi-modal stations, energy efficient design, and improved circulation connections between the surrounding neighborhoods. Our vision addresses historical injustices while looking towards the future of technological innovation and multimodal transportation. Beyond the development on the site, the project implies substantial potential of the city, for equitable and sustainable development that enables physical, cultural, and economical connections between the many neighborhoods of Kansas City.