Situated Technologies Research Studio - Mass Customization
Buffalo, USA, 2020
under the supervision of Omar Khan
The Pandemic made us rethink social life and human interactions. This project explores AI as the primary mediator for human development and interactions by adjusting physical surroundings and virtual communications. The new architecture will become a personalized learning machine that can provide the best environment for its users and fully individualize affective time spending.
A fully individualized and interactive system that can change itself for the best user performance and participation in any generated activity. Space helps to realize the creative and learning potential of the user. SACoP "feels" and "knows" its user. A wide range of activities could be implemented due to the dynamic properties of the sensor floor. The automated part of the System controls the temperature and stiffness of the surface, providing high comfort for any kind of active tasks like sports as well as for the rest activities, such as sleep or meditation, and steady ones such as eating. The linear user-space interactions are represented by the facilitation of the user's self-learning and self-developing processes.
Voice commands launch highly individualized programs for learning and leisure activities of the SACoP's owner to AI Platform that, respectively, generates all possible variations of activities and needed physical conditions, automatically customized for the exact user. After given the choice, the System evaluates the user's feedback and transforms the space accordingly. This system amplifies possibilities of remote relations and interactions and creates a new multi feeling reality, where Artificial intelligence plays a binder role and connects people more ubiquitously and tangibly. Due to tangibility and dynamic reconfiguration, this space becomes similar for any participant of a chosen activity.